Monday, November 3, 2008

A Delicious and Delightful Pumpkin Cook Off

A special THANK YOU for all of you who came, contributed, and tasted the delicious pumpkin recipes! We all had a great time!!! Congratulations to Kim R. for her victorious Pumpkin Surprise Pie, to Camille for her most pumpkiny Pumpkin Buckle, to Mindy for her/Macey's least pumpkiny Pumpkin Donuts, to Maria for her easily cravable Easy Pumpkin Dessert, and to Amy for her most creative Pumpkin Roll!

It seemed that everyone had a great time, EVEN the hubbies! Big hugs and thanks to everyone! Keep the recipes coming!!!


Kerri said...

What a fun idea, Jessie. The recipes look fantastic.

Rodela Family said...

Thanks Jessie for such a fun evening!

Nichols Family said...

WoW! What a great post w/ so many delish ways to use pumpkin! THX!