Monday, February 16, 2009

Yummy Salad Recipe That I Am Addicted To!

I love this salad recipe, especially the dressing. I've been meaning to post it on here for a while because I kept forgetting the exact recipe for the dressing and would just throw in the ingredients until I thought it tasted good. Well last Sunday we had company for dinner and I thought I would make the recipe. I thought I new how much red onion to put in but apparently my guess of 1 cup instead of 1/2 a cup was way off. Needless to say, after everyone's eyes watered up after the first bite I was able to fix the dressing and it was back to its delicious self again. Enjoy!

1 head of green leaf lettuce (maybe add some other lettuce to it for texture if you want) chopped into bit size pieces
Toasted almonds (as many as looks good to you—not the whole package)
Shredded mozzarella (not the whole bag)
Bacon bits (you can buy real bacon pieces—get the Hormel type that has to be refrigerated after opening)

(If you make a huge party batch you can use 2 heads of lettuce, and ALL of the toppings. Otherwise, you should have enough toppings for a second salad later)

In a blender mix:
½ C red onion
2t dry mustard
½ C red wine vinegar
1c sugar
1 ½ t salt
As blending as 1 c oil gradually

In my opinion this is enough dressing for two salads. If you put it on, only use half. Otherwise, serve it on the side.

I have also had similar salad using craisins, mushrooms, sunflower seeds, or whatever else. But that is the type that uses Briana poppyseed dressing.

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